Our Services

The Current “regular” schedule is: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Wednesday’s hours are 10:45am to 3:00pm and on Fridays we are closed for regular services to allow for socially distanced Responsible Renter classes and Legal Clinics.

Services continue to be limited and in accordance with recommended COVID-19 precautions.

Women’s Hearth is a drop-in day center in downtown Spokane–a safe space for women who have experienced poverty, trauma and/or homelessness to find a “hearth” of welcome, respect, and community. Women’s Hearth provides activities, classes, social service referrals and housing-search case management in a compassionate and supportive environment 7 days a week. Participants also have access to phones, computers, internet, healthy food, hygiene supplies, free showers, and a respite room.

The Hearth is a safe, welcoming community that promotes growth and well-being in body, mind, and spirit for women of diverse backgrounds. It fosters nurturing relationships, encourages self-determination, and advocates for change in systems that oppress women. During 2020, a total of 900 women accessed services at the Women’s Hearth and 33 of those women obtained housing.

Finding Community in Downtown

We provide free services that promote growth and healing including:

  • Access to basic needs such as showers, food, and hygiene products.

  • Over 60 groups and classes per month, including 12-step meetings, support groups, life skills classes, arts and crafts, music, spirituality, and self-expression.

  • Community meals, meetings, speakers and other events that foster a sense of community.

  • Access to resources and referrals for various social services, especially for housing and mental health concerns.

  • A technology center where women can access basic online services, search for housing, apply for jobs, research chronic medical issues, and reconnect with their support systems.

SNAP created a Homeless Resource Pocket Guide to alert those in need to service sites and further connection with additional resources. Please note, not every resource is listed.

Looking for a drop-in center somewhere else in the US? Read the recently completed Comprehensive Report of Drop-In Services available to women and youth in the US. Use it as a listing database and resource and for case managers, to refer clients to various services and centers across the country.    

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