Transitional Living Center

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Our Process

TLC provides transitional housing with support services for women and children experiencing homelessness in 15 apartments and one permanent housing unit. TLC is dedicated to helping women with children experiencing homelessness create stability in their lives; participating families may live for up to twenty-four months in one, two and three bedroom apartments. 

In 2021, 23 families with 51 children lived at TLC, and 6 of those families obtained more permanent housing.

Women eligible for housing are homeless and have children with them or will be reuniting with them soon. To be referred to the program, a woman must complete an assessment through the Homeless Family Coordinated Assessment (HFCA) by calling Catholic Charities at (509) 325-5005.

How to Qualify

The Coordinated Assessment is based on need and prioritizes women fleeing domestic violence and those exiting a substance abuse or psychiatric treatment program. If you are fleeing domestic violence, call the YWCA Domestic Violence 24-Hour Helpline at (509)326-2255. If you have further questions about TLC, you may call the Transitional Living Center staff at (509) 325-2959.

In order to qualify for services, a family must be homeless, which means living on the streets, in a car, in a shelter, in other transitional housing, having a current eviction notice, or fleeing domestic violence. Each family must be motivated to create change in their life and willing to make a commitment towards addressing the issues that resulted in their homelessness. TLC works with the family as a whole and provides a safe environment in which the family may heal, grow and stabilize.

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"Our first place to live together as a family."

TLC Provides:

  • Case Management designed to create stability
  • 15 units for families: 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments
  • Life Skills Training
  • On-site Computer/Technology Center
  • On-site Child Care at EduCare
  • Family Focused Program-Parenting Support
  • Supportive Community Environment
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