Road to Renting

The Road to Renting

As of July 2022, Transitions’ Women’s Hearth is changing the name of “Responsible Renter” to “The Road to Renting.” This series of classes helps participants address any challenges to getting and keeping permanent housing. 

Why the change? The name Road to Renting signifies that we’re all on a housing journey, empowered to choose our own routes along the way. This name is more inclusive and does not evoke any negative connotations that students may experience from the word “Responsible” in the former name. 

In addition to this name change, The Road to Renting curriculum has been translated into Spanish and Arabic, making it more accessible to English Language Learners. Plus, we have plans to collaborate soon on a youth version of the curriculum.

The Road to Renting program is a series of classes to help participants address their barriers to getting and keeping permanent housing.

Road to Renting can help you:

  • Advocate for yourself in Spokane’s tight housing market
  • Deepen your understanding of leases
  • Develop a plan to build or repair your credit
  • Create a budget and/or a debt reduction plan
  • Become familiar with Fair Housing Rules
  • Get the tools and confidence to take your next step on your housing journey

You’ll receive certificates of completion for each section you finish. Include your certificate in your rental portfolio to share with a landlord and help you overcome possible screening barriers.

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