Legal Assistance

The Unmet Need

Many of the women served at Transitions have legal issues affecting basic human needs such as safety and security, housing preservation, protection of income and access to health care. For example, an unresolved divorce may jeopardize a woman’s safety from an abuser and/or burden her with an ex-spouse’s debt or poor credit. This can prevent access to housing and leave children’s custody unresolved, extending the disruption in the children’s lives. Landlord/tenant issues threaten stable housing and debtor/creditor issues can prevent access to jobs and housing.

Challenges of poverty make it difficult for many to access critical civil legal assistance and representation. To make matters worse, some legal services for those in poverty have been reduced in the Spokane community.

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Our Programs

Transitions operates six programs, each working in a unique way to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. Transitions’ Women’s Hearth has leveraged limited resources through partnerships with local agencies and private attorneys who share our values and passion to advocate for justice. These partners include the Spokane County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program, the Gonzaga University School of Law’s Center for Law in Public Service and Elder Law Clinic, and the Wear Law Office. Transitions does not provide direct representation but, with the help of our partners, provides referrals and other forms of legal assistance.

Please contact Kathy, our part-time Legal Preparedness Coordinator at the Women’s Hearth, for further information at (509)455-4249.

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