Job Training & Education

Job Training

Transitions offers a variety of options for women seeking help with their careers, whether that’s through job training, job placement, education, or a combination.

To learn more about any of these services, call (509) 496-0396 or complete an inquiry form below.

New Leaf Kitchen

The New Leaf Kitchen, located at our facility near Spokane Falls Community College, offers a 6-month training program in a fast-paced commercial kitchen. We will work with you to develop a regular training schedule, and provide you with the skills needed to find work in the food service, baking, and catering fields.

To learn more about the kitchen program, call (509) 795-8405 or visit

New Leaf Cafe

The New Leaf Cafe, located in the Spokane YWCA, offers a 12-week barista training program in a real-world service environment. You will perform weekday training shifts in our cafe, acquire full espresso knowledge, and gain experience in retail sales and food service.

For more about the New Leaf Cafe, call the Café at (509) 496-7298 or visit

Vocational Specialist

Vocational Specialist Services: Transitions offers you the chance to work one-on-one with our Vocational Specialist for customized career support in any field. Services include resume development, job search help, interview skills, vocational aptitude testing, and post-employment support.

The Vocational Specialist can also help with your educational goals. Ever thought about going back to school? We can help you with that! Contact Ted at to get the process started!

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Providing the Steps to Stability

Transitions’ Women’s Hearth offers groups and classes to assist you on any step of your journey to stability. There is no “average” woman served at Transitions; every woman is different and every woman’s path is different. Our wide range of classes and groups ensure we offer every woman and child the opportunity to succeed.

Classes and groups include:

Legal Assistance

The Unmet Need

If you are experiencing legal challenges and don’t know where to turn, we at Transitions are here to help. We understand that the cost and complexity of the legal system can be overwhelming and leave you feeling hopeless.

Areas where we can assist include, but are not limited to:

We do not provide direct legal representation, but we partner with local agencies and private attorneys who share our values and passion to advocate for justice. 

For personalized help, please contact Kathy at (509) 455-4249.

Our Programs

Transitions operates six programs, each working in a unique way to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. Transitions’ Women’s Hearth has leveraged limited resources through partnerships with local agencies and private attorneys who share our values and passion to advocate for justice. These partners include the Spokane County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program, the Gonzaga University School of Law’s Center for Law in Public Service and Elder Law Clinic, and the Wear Law Office. Transitions does not provide direct representation but, with the help of our partners, provides referrals and other forms of legal assistance.

Please contact Kathy, our part-time Legal Preparedness Coordinator at the Women’s Hearth, for further information at (509)455-4249.

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