Homelessness in Our Society: A Discussion of This Complex Issue and What We Can Do

People for Effective Government recently gathered a group of panelists, who are all working on various aspects of homelessness in Spokane.

They have real-world experience with the problems our homeless neighbors are facing as well as an understanding of the needs and barriers to making progress on these issues. We have invited this panel to offer their experience and insight, and to discuss aspects such as:

  • The local homeless population trends & demographics
  • What it would take to turn that around
  • What they have learned from other cities’ efforts on this problem
  • Where should homeless shelters be located? How does the location/concentration of shelters affect surrounding communities?
  • What are the problems and benefits of low barrier vs high barrier shelters? Is there an ideal balance between the two?
  • An update on projects in the works
  • Barriers to progress
  • Suggestions for involvement in solving homelessness.
The panel includes:

Karen Stratton –  Spokane City Council Member

Edie Rice-Sauer  Executive Director of Transitions

Chris Patterson – SteadFast Supported Living Inc

Rob McCann – President and Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities

Chud Wendle – Hutton Settlement

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