Transitions operates six programs

Transitions works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. We operate six programs designed to support our community by providing childcare, housing, job training, and friendly, safe spaces for women and children to visit. Our goal is to provide change, not band-aids.

We at Transitions mourn the loss of Sandy Williams, a true Spokane icon.

Sandy helped Transitions and Spokane become better places.

To honor her memory, please donate to the Carl Maxey Center.

Our Mission

Transitions works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.

We pursue this mission through the operation of Women’s Hearth, Transitional Living Center, EduCare, Miryam’s House, New Leaf Kitchen & Café, and Home Yard Cottages.

Provide Change not Band-aids

Did you know 70% of people living in poverty in the United States are women and children? Let’s change that statistic today. “We are truly conspiratorial, we really do mean to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.” Edie Rice-Sauer, Executive Director


The emphasis of all services at Transitions is to work to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. 


Program wide, Transitions offers 49 housing units for formerly homeless women and families. All of Transitions’ housing is available on a referral basis only.

New Leaf Job Training

Transitions offers a variety of options for women seeking help with their careers, whether that’s through job training, job placement, education, or a combination.


Need affordable childcare for infants, toddlers, or preschool-aged kids? The EduCare program on the TLC campus provides licensed childcare on the TLC campus.


The time you give volunteering, the money you invest allows us to fill the gaps in funding, and the friends you invite to our events, increases our reach in our community.  You can make an impact at our six programs this year by donating items from our 2022 Agency Wish List!

What They Say

“I feel that the program that the Women’s Hearth has helps to maintain the dignity of the homeless.  They are a great support system and look out for our benefits.  They make people feel that they belong to something under the circumstances that their life offers.  It is a great program.”

- Participant, 2017

“This is one of the most amazing places that I have experienced as far as support, safety, actually following and living its mission, expertise and diversity of staff. I love coming here and miss the people and programs the days I don’t make it here.”

- Participant, 2015

“When feeling beat of everyday life chaos that I was struggling with this was a good place to come in for warmth, meal, coffee, and good positive people serving women.  Best atmosphere and people out of all homeless shelters I’ve had a chance to experience.”

- Participant, 2019

Recent News

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PWC 2022 IS OCT. 6TH!

People Who Care is Transitions’ largest fundraiser, helping support all of our local efforts throughout the rest of the year. Join us in-person OR virtually to hear personal stories, enjoy a fantastic lunch, and have a great time!