Permanent Supportive Housing - Home Yard Cottages

One of the key interventions in our work is providing access to affordable, safe housing. We own aproximately four acres of land in the Northwest area of Spokane. Thanks to investments from our four sponsoring communities of Catholic Sisters, the Dominican Outreach Fund, the Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund and members of the Spokane community, Transitions broke ground in August 2017 to build 24 cottages on two of these acres. This will increase our capacity to end homelessness and enhance our continuum of services.

The Home Yard Cottages includes 24 individual homes on two acres. The cottages range from 475 sq ft for a single person to 1,000 sq ft for a family of six. Fifteen of the cottages are net-zero, complete with solar panels. They are built on property once used as the Spokane Children’s Home orphanage and the land was called “the home yard.” Thus, the Home Yard Cottages.


Photos: Home Yard Cottages construction progress July 2018.

Why build cottages?

The two acres of land presented an opportunity to make a huge impact on the Spokane community. We evaluated many options for this land including orchards and raising bees. After years of research and reflection we decided to build 24 cottages to be named the Home Yard Cottages. Research shows that this option provides both the community and the privacy our participants need to grow and heal.

What is permanent supportive housing?

The Home Yard Cottages are a Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) project. This is the term that the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) uses to describe housing provided to persons or households that include persons who are disabled and low-income, and are now or have previously been homeless. In addition to housing, the Home Yard Cottage residents receive supportive services to help them maintain stability and meet goals.

Why build cottagesHow can I learn more?

A video introduction to the project 

Some Research about the availability of affordable housing in Spokane County

A Frequently Asked Questions sheet 

View photos from the Ground Breaking Event on 8/8/17 here



In Spokane County, for every 100 very low-income families looking for a place to live there are only 12 units available. Transitions is changing that statistic.