KXLY4 Extreme Team: Transitional Living Center renovation

KXLY4's Extreme Team has chosen TLC’s kitchen, family room, and staff offices as their next remodel project, slated for the week of February 25-28. To renovate a 350 sq ft kitchen in a building that was built in 1896 will take a village. Fortunately, volunteers from a multitude of local businesses, many of them woman-owned, will be offering their skilled assistance. Along with hours and hours of time, companies are donating beautiful new cabinets, paint, carpet cleaning, and more.

Progress of the KXLY Extreme Team project:

Timelapse of the early stages of the TLC kitchen renovation: 

Thank you to all the volunteers and businesses involved:












The new functionality of the space will allow for nutrition classes, mom group meetings, and a host of other activities inspired by the goal of long-term self-sufficiency. “We are so thrilled to have this opportunity for the women and children we serve at TLC,” Edie Rice-Sauer, Executive Director of Transitions, said excitedly. “We’ve wanted to renovate the kitchen as long as I’ve been here—about 7 years—but there was always something else that had to take priority.” Now the KXLY Extreme Team has made this dream a reality, allowing families to enjoy a safe, warm, functional space as they work toward stability while living in this transitional housing program.

Photos and videos courtesy of KXLY 4 Extreme Team.