The Women's Hearth: Creating Community With Teamwork and Art

The following is a story shared by The Women's Hearth Program Director Susan Tyler-Babkirk.

There was a lull in programming one afternoon and a staff member asked if anyone wanted to figure out how to make a head bank like the cool one she was wearing. Several women showed interest. What ensued was community at its best. Each person chose a task that fit their skill set: one woman helped cut the fabric, another volunteered to iron, one folded and pinned the fabric and another sewed each piece on the sewing machine. One of the women, who doesn’t participate in groups much and is often limited by her disability was able to pick out the fabric she wanted for her head band. The other women all pitched in to help her leave with a wonderful headband too.

Every month activities are planned to engage the women and to foster community. Interested in donating craft items? Please contact Mary Tracey at or call 328-6702.