New Leaf Bakery Cafe brings new beginnings

Many students buy the granola sold at Thomas Hammer in Jepson, but not many students know where it came from.

The granola is made by women hoping to get back on their feet as a part of the New Leaf Bakery Cafe program. This curriculum is one of the five programs that operate under the Transitional Programs for Women (Transitions) organization. Their mission is to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane.

The New Leaf Bakery Cafe is a job skills training program that was founded in 2008 by Sister Sheila Fitzgerald when she realized there was an urgent need for training in employment.

Dominican Sister Kathy Flynn is a student at GU and a volunteer with some of the Transitions programs.

“The program is teaching the women how to cook in a commercial kitchen,” Flynn said. “They learn cooking skills and baking skills and how to meet deadlines.They cater to a lot of different organizations around town, some even on campus, and they have to get things done. It gives them self-esteem, it gives them self-confidence, and it teaches them responsibility."

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