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Growing through Community Engagement

Rights are something valued in U.S. society. Whatever side of the issues you may fall on, news headlines locally and across the nation feature phrases like “right to bear arms”, “women’s right to choose”, “exercise your rights”, and the “right to free speech.” We shout from the rooftops when we believe someone is taking away our rights – with good reason. Human rights are not inherent everywhere in the world, or to every citizen, and should be treated as precious.

Greater Spokane Progress is cur-rently helping citizens celebrate, and more importantly, exercise their right to vote. Greater Spokane Progress’ Civic Engagement Project is partnering with local non-profits to target groups often under-represented in voter populations including women, people living in poverty, people with felony records, and people of color. Tran-sitions, serving as one of those partners, has been hosting voter registration drives and civics clas-ses for participants. What makes this partnership unique and effective? Alumnae from Miryam’s House are acting as the recruiters. continued...

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