Mardi Bras 2018

Mardi Bras is a collaborative fundraiser between Hope House, a program of Volunteers of America, and Transitions' Women's Hearth. Join us on Fat Tuesday, February 13, as we collect donations of bras, underwear, feminine hygiene products, and bus passes for the most vulnerable women of Spokane.

Meeting the basic needs of the women and children we serve can be the start of a life-changing relationship. One of the most basic needs is a little embarrassing, undergarments. Getting access to bras and underwear that fit can be a challenge for women experiencing poverty or homelessness. Women living on the streets get their periods too. Not only do they go through this uncomfortable experience, they struggle just to meet their basic needs. Finding pads and tampons can be almost as impossible as finding bras and underwear.

But all of that changes Fat Tuesday, February 13, 2018 as we celebrate Mardi Bras!

Throw a Party, Make a Difference

This fun and engaging fundraising idea starts with us but comes to life with you! Host a party in your home, invite some friends, and collect bus passes, pads, tampons, underwear, and bras. If you don’t want to host your own party, we’ll be hosting parties around town; check the Spokane Mardi Bra's Facebook page for more information.

Party Items for You

Party Host 101 - frequently asked questions

Party E-vite - use this card to email your friends, post on facebook, and grow the cause

Guest List - use this form to submit your guests names and contact info

Third Party Fundraising Guidelines - use this form to read about the guidelines before submitting your party proposal

No Time to Host But Would Like to Participate?

Text "BRA" to 717-77 to donate. Select One Time, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually. If you donate $25 monthly, it will equal $350 per year. Did you know $25 a month can provide FIVE BED NIGHTS at Hope House a month x 12 = 300 BED NIGHTS A YEAR for women? Or $25 a month can provide services for a woman every month x 12 = services for a woman FOR ONE YEAR at The Women's Hearth?   

Join us at The Observatory located at 15 S Howard St on Tuesday, Feb. 13 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.       


You can make a difference

More than 1,800 women are homeless in Spokane each day. Meeting their basic needs is imperative for helping them stabilize. Physiology and biology are facts of life - women shouldn't be punished because of them.