EduCare nurtures and supports all aspects of a child's development. We work to increase opportunities for individual achievement and to develop a stronger sense of individual value, empathy, and self awareness.


Much like a typical preschool, you will find kids coloring and learning their ABC's during an EduCare class. You will also find EduCare teachers that are qualified to help kids recovering from the trauma of homelessness, or reconnecting with their mom. Teachers also establish a positive partnership with parents to support the development, treatment and education of young children.


Part of that partnership includes Monday night parenting groups where moms meet with staff to learn healthy parenting strategies and skills, breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. This also enables our EduCare kiddos a chance to flourish with stability in the classroom and at home. In 2011, 33 families and 46 children were impacted through EduCare.


Make An Impact At EduCare:

  • Invest in the kiddos at EduCare here. Did you know that just $50 can provide 1 month's formula for a baby at EduCare?
  • Donate crayons, diapers or something else on the wish list for EduCare.
  • You can also help out on Monday nights while the moms are learning how to best reconnect and love their child.

Volunteer Opportunities

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