Responsible Renter Program

The Responsible Renter Program was designed by case managers from 9 social service agencies in Spokane.  It is a three-part course aimed at addressing some of the barriers to housing that many people face. The general goals are:

  • To make housing attainable for those who face obstacles in finding permanent, safe housing.
  • To provide life skills in areas such as money management and the importance of relationship building.
  • To play a role in reducing homelessness.

Curriculum Learning Units:

  • Money Management - Participants learn concept and skills for improving their methods of managing their money, both practically and psychologically.  This includes learning about debt reduction, creating and living with a budget, dealing with credit, and obtaining an annual credit report.
  • Debt Management - Participants learn about debt and the importance of having good credit.  Step-by-step instructions show how to get a free credit report and then how to read it and how to prioritize debt.  Finally, participants use this information to create a personal debt reduction plan.
  • Renter Rights and Responsibilities - Participants learn the basic rights of being tenants and the responsibilities of renting a home.  Some of the topics addressed include fair housing, understanding a lease, Washington State Landlord/Tenant law, deposits, insurance and security tips.
  • Finding a Home - Participants learn the steps involved in finding a home.  This includes making personal priorities lists, filling out rental applications, completing a home search and practicing landlord interviews. Participants also learn more about what they can reasonably afford to spend on rent and utilities.
  • Roommates - Participants read about Washington State Landlord/Tenant law as it relates to people living together in one unit.  Since compatibility and mutual responsibilities are often a big concern, this section takes participants through identifying compatible characteristics and creating a Roommate Agreement that includes rules and responsibilities.  A problem solving section also helps to identify problem areas with possible solutions. 


Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate which can be presented to landlords to give evidence of their motivation and skills.

The following agencies are some of the ones that offer Responsible Renter classes in Spokane.

The Women's Hearth


Classes are held bi-monthly for women.  Call for information.



Call for information.




Classes are offered to women who are clients of the Opportunity Center.  Call for information.

Salvation Army


Classes are scheduled at different times throughout each month.  Call for information and registration.

Agencies who work with individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of being homeless are encouraged to become Responsible Renter Program members.  Membership will enable agencies to access curriculum materials and resources through this website.  

Email MaryLou Sproul at or call 509-455-4249 for information about classes or for more information on becoming a member agency.